Design is my passion and being creative has always come naturally. One thing I have realised in life is that I am always happiest when using my creativity.

I’m an American girl who followed her dreams of living abroad and there she met her English husband who after all of their travels landed them in England. So now the newest adventure begins! I bring with me my love of design and all things creative! 

From as far back as I can remember, my passion in life has always been creating beautiful places and spaces – making life beautiful. I have always been intrigued by how people design their lives, their homes and their life events - how they speak volumes about our taste and style. All design of any variety inspires me. I love to see how different minds design & create differently. 

I always knew my future would lie in design, so having studied interior design at university I spent many years learning and plying my trade in Washington DC and loved every minute. Working with fabrics and furniture in high end show rooms, designing and managing projects from inception to implementation, and working with clients to create their perfect space. Advising, listening, learning, sharing ideas and concepts, life and laughter – all ingredients to creating beautiful spaces. Over the years, life and opportunity also inspired me to branch out into event design. Helping people to achieve their dream weddings and life celebrations is truly a joy.

                                                      New country, new people, new surroundings. Let's do this!                                                       I am so excited to creatively make your home and events more beautiful! 

Two things I always live by: I will always follow my heart. It never hurts to try.

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I have always felt happier when I am in a beautiful place. This could be nature or a nicely designed room or building. We all know that our environment affects our emotions so it makes sense to live, work and celebrate in beautiful surroundings. That’s where I come in. I want to help everyone to imagine and achieve their vision. Some people have in mind what they want or are looking for, and some people don't. But let's work together and make that ideal home or dream event beautiful for you! 

What do I prefer? I like a wide variety of styles, but I’m generally drawn towards light spaces where you can feel cozy and relaxed, where you can breathe and feel motivated - with a touch of romanticism. An event which effortlessly exudes class and style, bringing smiles and long lasting memories.  But everyone has different tastes and the most important thing is to make your space or event perfect for you.