One of the things we love most is the sight of an incredibly happy bride & groom on their wedding day, or hearing of all the compliments our clients received on the success of their big event.

At Kirsten M Wilson Design, we are artists and we always aim to impress. Creative design is what we dream about! Allow us to use our creativity and make your event beautiful.

How do you imagine your event? How do you want your guests to feel and experience the day? Do you imagine it grand & glitzy or private & sweet? Whatever your heart desires, we want to make that dream a reality for you, whilst taking the stress out of your hands.

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'Kirsten M Wilson Design played a huge role in the success of my and my husband’s wedding day. Kirsten's professionalism, creative sensibility and pristine execution made the event design a seamless process and the results were stunning. I would highly recommend her to anyone hosting an event.'                                                                    

- C Cole, Austin Texas

'Kirsten helped plan, decorate and execute our wedding.  Not only was she kind and friendly, but her professionalism and knowledge made a huge difference.  She suggested details we would have overlooked and was very creative in working with our limited budget.  She worked hard to make sure it was our special day.'                           

- C Banceu, Vancouver Washington

'I loved Kirsten's design on our home so much that she was also commissioned to plan and decorate my baby shower. She made the lovely celebration a memorable one with creative decor, delicious food and fun games!'                                         

- K Watson, Arlington Virginia

'It was very assuring to know that we had Kirsten monitoring our wedding. She was totally on top of things and made sure that our wedding day turned into the beautiful unforgettable memory that we wanted it to be. Her knowledge in interior design and her great connection with the vendors added a special touch to the decoration and everything looked very beautiful. She is such a sweet person and knows her business very well. And although she had other events going on at the same time we always felt as if it was just us.'  

                                                                                                    - K Seiffer, Barcelona Spain

'Kirsten is a fantastic events organiser, she helped plan my baby shower for me. She has original, fun and tasteful ideas. Kirsten is professional, extremely capable and wonderful to work with. Thank you again, Kirsten, for making my day so special.'

- J Sclare, Barcelona Spain

'My bridesmaids and I were delighted with the bouquets Kirsten created for my wedding. They turned out exactly how I had imagined them, since Kirsten carefully listened to my ideas and then materialised them in the most lovely manner. Kirsten has such extraordinary sense of aesthetic and style, plus she is very empathic and considerate with her clients' opinion. We got thousands of compliments on our flowers.'                                         

- R Lopez, Barcelona Spain

'Kirsten did an amazing job when she prepared the baby shower for my first child. She perfectly captured my desires of having a cozy, low key but fun ambiance. The decorations were gorgeous: a perfect arrangement of light blue with other pastel colours using balloons, ribbon, signs and baskets.  She helped arrange the food, drinks and the cake (my favorite)! She even planned games for the party, which were an excellent choice as I requested to consider that my males friends would be involved ... and everyone truly enjoyed it!! It was a lot of fun for everyone and the mood that was set by Kirsten was just perfect! It was such a relief to know that everything was taken care of, and it made me feel so pleased to know that everyone adored the decor was such a good decision to hire Kirsten. She does more than simply combine colours, fabrics and textures when planning an event. She goes all the way for her clients!!!'                                                                                   

- V Cordero, Arlington Virginia