The money spent on staging is more often than not, a fraction of the amount gained in the end, due to its results.  

No one will buy a home until they mentally move in, so we need to set that scene so that they can imagine themselves living there. Home buyers don't want to see your personal stuff, they want to imagine their own stuff.

Home staging is an investment. If you want a higher return, invest in your home to make it more appealing to the buyer. 

We also offer Home Staging E Advice. After a telephone consultation, we communicate via email based on a selection of photos provided. The implementation will then be in your hands, after receiving a detailed report from me. If you are interested in E Advice, click 'hire us' below.  

'Kirsten helped us to stage our home for sale in December last year and despite Christmas and the arrival of a new baby, our house sold by January - which was much quicker than we expected. House staging is something that we would definitely recommend. So many simple things that you just wouldn't think of can make such a positive difference to the appearance and feel of the house. The small investment most definitely paid off.'                                 

P Savage, Ashton UK

'I have moved a couple of times and each time Kirsten has been there giving me the best advice on my home décor when moving in and when moving out to sell.  When doing my interior design, she based it on my taste and personality. When doing my home staging, she guided me throughout the whole process, answering all of my questions and suggesting colours for the walls. She also showed me the more efficient way to arrange my furniture, making the whole house come together looking beautiful and unique!! ..and I thought how easy it is for her and why couldn't I have thought of that? I love her professionalism, positive attitude and energy. She is a very sweet person and very easy going!'            

- V Cordero, Arlington Virginia