Our home is our serenity and a window into ourselves. We want it to be a space we feel happy and comfortable in, as well as a place we feel proud to invite our friends and neighbours to.

We would love to assist you with your interior and home design. We can give you fresh ideas and provide you with professional design services.  We will assist you in creating the home that you desire, based around the lifestyle of you and your family.

We are happy to help with home decoration and refurbishment of your space. Whether it is a residential or commercial space, we can create a look that suits your style & budget.  If you live a little too far away, we can conduct all our sessions using Skype or you can choose to do work with us using E Design.

Kirsten M Wilson Design can help take your aspirations and turn them into a reality.


'Kirsten helped me with interior design when I was renovating my new home. Her suggestions on colours and styling really helped me to focus down on what was a bewildering array of options. The great thing about Kirsten is that she really understands YOU and is able to make your home reflect your tastes and personality in a totally unique way. Kirsten is a dedicated professional and I would not hesitate to recommend her.'                                                     
- C Maughan, Barcelona Spain
'Interior Design comes so natural to Kirsten; she has a way of understanding the type of design you are going for and bringing it to life. My home would not have a comfortable warm feeling without Kirsten's touch.'    
- S Santos, Woodbridge Virginia
'Kirsten has an amazing style. She really understands how to design a space that's both beautiful and functional.'                                    
- K Watson, Arlington Virginia
'When we moved to our third (and hopefully our last) house, my husband and I wanted to do something different. Our daughters were older, and we had more time to focus on how we wanted our house to look, and mostly that it would reflect and feel like us. While we had many ideas flowing through our heads, we couldn't do it alone....we needed professional help, so we searched for someone. Kirsten came highly recommended, and after our first meeting, it became quite obvious that she was an experienced home designer with a fabulous style and professionalism. Kirsten is a good interviewer and an excellent listener, and understood and knew what we were looking for.  She has an incredible strategic visual design mind setting, and is not timid to show you options which at first, I must admit, made us think outside the box. She gave us an array of options and suggestions for every room in the house, and allowed us to make the final selection. We were very pleased with her excellent work and home design service, and would highly recommend her!'                                                          
- M Pidal, Fairfax Station VA